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Multi-Collagen Peptides

Orange Pineapple

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Super Youth

Multi-Collagen Peptides

Orange Pineapple

1,857 Reviews

  • Youthful Skin
  • Healthy Weight
  • Strong Joints & Bones

Look and feel younger with Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides! This delicious collagen powder includes 5 collagen types from 4 natural sources to help restore youthfulness from the inside out. Includes 56 servings.

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Why Use SkinnyFit Super Youth Orange Pineapple?

Fight the signs of aging with 5 types of premium collagen in every scoop.

Best type I pure collagen powder

Type I

The most abundant in the human body, Type I collagen makes up skin, hair, bones, and teeth, thickens hair, reduces hair loss, and improves skin elasticity to promote a youthful appearance.

Best Type II hydrolyzed collagen powder

Type II

Strengthens joint cartilage, supports the back, jaw, and joints, and may even reduce popping knees.

Best Type III collagen protein

Type III

Supports gut health, improves skin elasticity, supports the cardiovascular system and organs, and helps to repair and maintain the body.

Best Type V collagen peptides powder

Type V

Makes up the connective tissue that supports vital organs like the liver and lungs, and is essential for the formation of Types I and III.

Best Type X collagen peptides powder

Type X

Supports bone formation in cartilage, which prevents normal wear and tear in joints and promotes youthfulness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Improves metabolism, burns fat, and helps suppress appetite so you can reach your weight loss goals.

Hyaluronic Acid

Improves skin moisture and elasticity for tight, firm, younger looking skin.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that strengthens the body’s natural defenses to fight inflammation and boost immunity.

How To Use Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides


1 Scoop

Add 1 Heaping Scoop.



Just Add Water

Our Orange Pineapple flavor is so flavorful, you can simply mix with water and enjoy!




Consume 2-3 times daily.

Real Women. Real Results.

Super Youth Orange Pineapple Testimonial

Sara, 44

"At 44, I had given up on my expensive beauty regimen. After taking Super Youth, my wrinkles are finally gone! I finally have my confidence back :)"

Super Youth Orange Pineapple Testimonial

Misty, 48

"I move so much easier! My joints no longer feel swollen and my back pain has gone away. I can finally keep up with my kids again without suffering in pain!"

Super Youth Orange Pineapple Testimonial

Deb, 62

"My skin is GLOWING and my joint pain is gone! Everyone thinks I look years younger! I’m hooked on Super Youth!”

Super Youth vs Other Collagens*

Super Youth
Other Collagens*

See why 513,657 women have chosen Super Youth as their go-to collagen supplement to look & feel younger.

SkinnyFit Super Youth

Multi Collagen with Peptides

Vital Proteins
Collagen Peptides

Garden of Life
Grass Fed Collagen

Collagen Superpowder

Collagen Support

All 5 Types of Collagen

Type I, II, III, V, X

Supports skin, hair, nails, tendons, joints, bones, & gut health.

3 Collagen Peptide Sources

Chicken, Marine & Bovine

Reduces wrinkles and cellulite, supports healthy joints, hair and nails.

Apple Cider Vinegar (NEW!)

Supports weight loss, helps burn fat and suppress appetite.

Hyaluronic Acid (NEW!)

Helps support skin moisture and elasticity for youthful-looking skin.

Vitamin C (NEW!)

Promotes a strong, healthy immune system and brightens skin.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

(1 Super Youth delivered monthly)

Cost Per Serving







Delicious & Easily Dissolves

(starting at $67.47)

"My lumpy legs are now smooth and my gut is gone! Super Youth delivers actual results. I’m hooked for life!"

Casey, 43

"My lumpy legs are now smooth and my gut is gone! Super Youth delivers actual results. I’m hooked for life!"

Casey, 43

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